Monday, 16 December 2013

Destroyed on paper.

Destroy my birth and my death,
Erase my presence.
Tear out the papers;
and burn them to ashes.

Let my absence be noticed;
and my presence never to be discovered again
Remember me in your heart 
the purest place to be.

Remember me in your arms,
in the smiles and tears.
Remember me in the falling storm
and the final dusk.

And let me be just that, a memory
the easiest thing to be.
A nostalgia in your heart 
And an illusion in your life. 

Saturday, 7 December 2013


Prompt: My little brother had to write an essay for school on this topic and as I reviewed his work, this was what I was thinking.

Travelling. The single word encompasses the entire world; because you can travel all over the world. Personally for me, travelling means taking a much needed break and going on a holiday with my family. So it becomes an opportunity to for everyone to relax and have fun. It becomes family bonding time but it is so much more than just that. It is a life experience, a memory that I'll cherish; a souvenir to treasure. Travelling is also a way to learn.

My topic wasn't just travelling; it also consisted of the things one can learn over a trip. So I could talk about social interactions and how much different people speaking various sets of languages can influence it. I could talk about how visiting places has expanded my geographical knowledge. Of course before taking on any trip, we do endless research about the place, thus broadening our view of it. I could talk about the piece of historical information I found out in the local museum but I won't. Instead I will talk about the things that everyone feels at a trip, things that we see, learn but never mention.

Friday, 15 November 2013

One Tree Hill

"There is only one Tree Hill Jamie Scott." - Haley Scott 

First off, I love how Haley uses 'one' as a pun. She is saying that Tree hill, her home is one of a kind and at the same time, she is taking the name of the serial itself. Maybe the name originated from here. But when a character takes the name of the serial it means only one thing. It is about to end. And end it did.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Benefit of Doubt.

You know, sometimes I like to write about people. I write about random strangers, about something they did that caught my eye. Their actions may have been something I admired or something I despised. Sometimes I write about that person, deducing their character from their actions. And sometimes, I wonder if they write about me.

I wonder if they tell their diaries or their children about me. I wonder if the guy I shared an auto with writes an article about a girl; a girl who spent the entire ride busy toggling the keys on her phone. A girl who was listening to music, ignoring the beautiful world outside. I wonder if he judges me or maybe even my entire generation, calling us modern like it's a despicable term, simply because I was using my cellphone. I wonder if he declares us wrong, just like that, pegging us without knowing what we are. I wonder if he inwardly thinks "Ye aaj kal ke bachhe" in a tone that doesn't think very highly of me.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Light to Darkness

They sat in a huddle,
Knees pressed close, eyes haggard.
Fear creeping in their minds, their hearts;
The third one trembling, his eyes closed.

And time passed dreadfully slowly,
So still that he stopped trembling.
The numb settled in,
And their fate was accepted.

Names were exchanged and fears shared.
They were cold outside,
And yet there was a warmth inside
A fire that brought them close, that kept them alive.

And there were dreamless nights,
and nightmarish days.
They grew fond of the dark
and the company they shared.

Till one day, their fate changed.
A glitter of light came streaming in
And forgetting their love for the black,
They greeted the yellow.

And they stepped out
And bathed and basked in the glorious sunlight,
and felt the warmth dancing on their skin;
And they stepped out glowing.

Glowing and bewitched and ensnared,
dazzled and mesmerized and changed,
They let go of the dark
and they let go of each other.

The hands that once held the other's
now held power and success.
And beaming and sharing their pride,
they turned back.

But they turned back to find no one,
no one to fall back on.
All around, there was just the light.
The light burning bright, burning cold now.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Steps to Happiness.

Step 1: Love yourself.

Do you love yourself? I think I do. If you would've asked me a month ago, I would've said definitely yes, but now, I’m not so sure. This person I've become isn't happy or loved and if everyone doesn't love her, then maybe she’s the one who’s flawed. I love myself but it is not enough for everyone to love me and instead of thinking “their loss” I am worried about it. Maybe I don’t love myself all that much anymore.

Monday, 16 September 2013


My family is Jain but I personally never really believed in it till this year. We Jains, have an Eight day festival- Paryushan, wherein the Jain inside each and every one of us comes alive. And every year, over the course of these 8 days I really lose myself into this religion and every year, I resolve to be a better Jain. And every year, I fail to live up to it.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Stranger

In this world, I am a stranger,
And in this world I shall be no more.
And in this world I am lonely, but for me
in an another world, someone waits in the darkness.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


The town was paper, but the memories were not. - John green.

My school farewell speech

It has been more than 10 years that I have spent in here, in this school. A good part of what I am right now has been shaped by this school. I have learnt here, that rectangles are shapes and everything is made up of atoms. I have learnt here to smile, to laugh and to cry. I have learnt to make new friends and to let them go. I know that only a few years have passed and I am making it seem like an eternity but that is precisely what these years were. They were an eternity of first experiences, of toddler steps, counting moments, and an eternity of memories. 

I don’t think ever in my life I will enter a place that will make me so happy, sad, frustrated and excited too, so surreal. And for that I am grateful, ever grateful and ever humble. I think I speak for most of us when I say that this school has a life of its own. It is our own little world, a safe haven. The worst thing that can happen here is a bad grade. But things are changing and we don’t even know into what. I’ve looked forward to today but I dread tomorrow for I don’t know where I’ll be. We are going to cross this huge milestone and step into a war field and we have got no idea what we are up against. In situations as such, the only thing that can be done is to pick up our armors and battle on. 

We know that after this nothing will ever remain the same. Once today ends and tomorrow arrives, everything we have built over the past ten years will fall apart and we will have to start again from the scratch. But this time, we have the experience, the upper hand. As I speak, everything that is familiar, close, comfort, everything that is ours is slowly fading away. Everything will scatter and we will each carry a part of it in our hearts, throughout our lives.