Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Light to Darkness

They sat in a huddle,
Knees pressed close, eyes haggard.
Fear creeping in their minds, their hearts;
The third one trembling, his eyes closed.

And time passed dreadfully slowly,
So still that he stopped trembling.
The numb settled in,
And their fate was accepted.

Names were exchanged and fears shared.
They were cold outside,
And yet there was a warmth inside
A fire that brought them close, that kept them alive.

And there were dreamless nights,
and nightmarish days.
They grew fond of the dark
and the company they shared.

Till one day, their fate changed.
A glitter of light came streaming in
And forgetting their love for the black,
They greeted the yellow.

And they stepped out
And bathed and basked in the glorious sunlight,
and felt the warmth dancing on their skin;
And they stepped out glowing.

Glowing and bewitched and ensnared,
dazzled and mesmerized and changed,
They let go of the dark
and they let go of each other.

The hands that once held the other's
now held power and success.
And beaming and sharing their pride,
they turned back.

But they turned back to find no one,
no one to fall back on.
All around, there was just the light.
The light burning bright, burning cold now.