Friday, 15 November 2013

One Tree Hill

"There is only one Tree Hill Jamie Scott." - Haley Scott 

First off, I love how Haley uses 'one' as a pun. She is saying that Tree hill, her home is one of a kind and at the same time, she is taking the name of the serial itself. Maybe the name originated from here. But when a character takes the name of the serial it means only one thing. It is about to end. And end it did.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Benefit of Doubt.

You know, sometimes I like to write about people. I write about random strangers, about something they did that caught my eye. Their actions may have been something I admired or something I despised. Sometimes I write about that person, deducing their character from their actions. And sometimes, I wonder if they write about me.

I wonder if they tell their diaries or their children about me. I wonder if the guy I shared an auto with writes an article about a girl; a girl who spent the entire ride busy toggling the keys on her phone. A girl who was listening to music, ignoring the beautiful world outside. I wonder if he judges me or maybe even my entire generation, calling us modern like it's a despicable term, simply because I was using my cellphone. I wonder if he declares us wrong, just like that, pegging us without knowing what we are. I wonder if he inwardly thinks "Ye aaj kal ke bachhe" in a tone that doesn't think very highly of me.