Friday, 15 November 2013

One Tree Hill

"There is only one Tree Hill Jamie Scott." - Haley Scott 

First off, I love how Haley uses 'one' as a pun. She is saying that Tree hill, her home is one of a kind and at the same time, she is taking the name of the serial itself. Maybe the name originated from here. But when a character takes the name of the serial it means only one thing. It is about to end. And end it did.

Haley gives her son, a box. A rusty bent, dented broken down box in which she along with her best friend made predictions and then she gives it to her son. She's not simply passing down a tradition but she is also saying that her time's over. And this time she's telling me that her time's over and that she's enjoyed this journey with me but it's over now. I've enjoyed the time I spent with you too, Haley.

Brooke has had a childhood void of her parents and then she finds out that they are together. This was what we've wanted for her since the day one and now that it's finally happened, it's the end. You can feel it. She has two kids, a loving husband, a family; the one thing she always wanted.

Nathan is for once, not kidnapped. Clay and Quinn have married. They adopted Logan officially and he calls her mom. Chase deleted the girls- Mia, Alex and Tara from his cell and his life and and we know he's preparing to leave us, for once and for all. Chris Keller gets his guitar back, the very guitar he sold several seasons ago to fund Haley James first ever record. If that doesn't prove it, then what can. It's over.

Gavin Degraw came back for the last show. He sang 'I don't wanna be' and it's a proof; this is the finale. He had guest starred before and that time he sang the same song and the characters cheered. I personally remember Peyton's face. It was Karen's Cafe's first open mic night. Last night when he sang, the characters sang along with him because they knew this might be the last time they will get the chance. At the chorus he pointed the mic to screen and I too sang along, because for one fleeting moment, I was there, in that crowd among-st those people. I was a part of Tree Hill. They are my friends.

It's not just a T.V show. Like my friend put it so appropriately, it was important. It was a bunch of lives thrown together and their journey from high school to dealing with the real world. And their shocking discovery that the real life isn't all that different from high school. What makes high school special is that this is where it all happened for the first time, Brooke Davis' words, not mine. And some where along the way, I too grew up with them. Not significantly older, age wise but yeah, I grew up. The fact that I have a heavy heart and a free hour in the evening proves that.

It seems so silly, to become so attached to a telly show, but I am and don't tell me you've never become attached to one of them. They're beautiful, addictive and they teach you stuff too. I have learnt so many little things about life. I've learnt about happiness and friendship and dreams and belief. I've learnt faith and music and art and literature. I've learnt a new way to live my life.

When it first aired, it had replaced 'Grey's Anatomy' and I was determined to not like it. But I still watched it, openly cursing it but secretly liking it. And then somewhere along the way I stopped cursing it and today, when another will take it's time slot, I will curse that show. Because this was important to me.

The last scene they ever showed was Brooke and Haley locking up their shops and stepping out on the street with their husbands and walking to their high school. The last scene we see airs Jamie Scott, grown up, in high school, breaking his father's scoring title. The last thing we see is the word 'Scott' and immense amount of significance behind it. Scott. That's where it all started.

With a song, a passion for basketball and two Scotts.

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