Saturday, 9 November 2013

Benefit of Doubt.

You know, sometimes I like to write about people. I write about random strangers, about something they did that caught my eye. Their actions may have been something I admired or something I despised. Sometimes I write about that person, deducing their character from their actions. And sometimes, I wonder if they write about me.

I wonder if they tell their diaries or their children about me. I wonder if the guy I shared an auto with writes an article about a girl; a girl who spent the entire ride busy toggling the keys on her phone. A girl who was listening to music, ignoring the beautiful world outside. I wonder if he judges me or maybe even my entire generation, calling us modern like it's a despicable term, simply because I was using my cellphone. I wonder if he declares us wrong, just like that, pegging us without knowing what we are. I wonder if he inwardly thinks "Ye aaj kal ke bachhe" in a tone that doesn't think very highly of me.

I'm only human and if he writes about me, I'd want him to write something positive, something good about me. So the way I see it, I can be on a high alert and never do anything wrong. I can be as ideal as one can get but it would be a futile effort. Because I believe in being my true self, flaws included. I can not wear a mask of perfection, no matter how much I try.

So that leaves me with one last option- Hope. I can hope that he who writes about me will write good things. I can hope that he will turn a blind eye to my flaws. I can hope he gives me the benefit of doubt. I hope he tries to know me before judging. I hope he writes about a girl who was using her cell phone the entire ride and then adds that it was probably because she had to attend to some emergency. I hope he understands that the girl was having a rough day and needed her favorite song. I hope he tells his children about giving the girl a benefit of doubt. And may be one day his children will pass the lesson along. Maybe one day, he will look at me; a stranger with an open mind. Maybe one day, everyone will look at each other with open hearts

"Charity begins at home." and it may not be quite appropriate in this context but if you get the gist of it, you'll know that when I write about that person, I will overlook his actions that had annoyed me. I will give him a chance and I will hope he does the same and together, we will change this world.

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