Saturday, 7 December 2013


Prompt: My little brother had to write an essay for school on this topic and as I reviewed his work, this was what I was thinking.

Travelling. The single word encompasses the entire world; because you can travel all over the world. Personally for me, travelling means taking a much needed break and going on a holiday with my family. So it becomes an opportunity to for everyone to relax and have fun. It becomes family bonding time but it is so much more than just that. It is a life experience, a memory that I'll cherish; a souvenir to treasure. Travelling is also a way to learn.

My topic wasn't just travelling; it also consisted of the things one can learn over a trip. So I could talk about social interactions and how much different people speaking various sets of languages can influence it. I could talk about how visiting places has expanded my geographical knowledge. Of course before taking on any trip, we do endless research about the place, thus broadening our view of it. I could talk about the piece of historical information I found out in the local museum but I won't. Instead I will talk about the things that everyone feels at a trip, things that we see, learn but never mention.

Ibn Battuta once said "Travelling- it leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller." Well, what stories was he talking about? Let me tell you. It was the story of how I took a wrong turn while exploring a new city and ended up at this place, which is not typical for tourists but the food was just so delicious. There's a story about how I travelled for six hours straight, at altitudes so high, the pressure made me nauseous and yet reaching there, at that lake, it was completely, utterly, heart- shatteringly worth it.

He talks about the little things you experience; about how you learn to appreciate things. I have learned to appreciate the vastness of the world, the effort and hopes behind a local hand-loom and things like this life we have been gifted with. When I come back home from a trip, I feel different; as if somehow I grew up in the short period of time; like I have a little more understanding of this world.

Travelling is so much more than you think. It is a way to learn obvious things - society, cultures, traditions and history and it is also a way to learn decidedly vague concepts like life. Travelling is an experience, so experience it.  

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