Thursday, 16 January 2014

More than a mere item.

"Mumbai na delhi waalo ko, pinky hai paise waalo ki."

I woke up today to my dad humming 'Paani Paani' by the infamous 'Yo Yo Honey Singh', a song whose video is basically a bunch of girls in bikini. I have caught myself chiggy wiggy-ing one too many times. I won't deny that I have too, like most people out there danced to tunes of item songs. But just because I have given in to social standards doesn't mean that I approve of these songs. They make my blood boil. Period. 

Songs and music are one of the most influential mediums. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a bunch of beats thrown together haphazardly by someone who owns a guitar will make more of an impression on the yet mold-able minds. So if songs are going to shape the minds of the current generation and the ones to follow, why hasn't an effort been made to ensure that these songs are good?

I am not a musician, I am writer. So when I talk about good songs, I mean those with lyrics that aren't quite so morally incorrect.