Saturday, 1 March 2014

Rush hour.

Let me paint you a picture. A simple one really with an extraordinarily picturesque quality. It was a dream I had, though technically speaking; it can't be a dream. This image crept underneath my eyelids as I loitered in that phase between unconsciousness and reality. Its a simple picture really.

Imagine a waterfall, a huge one and entirely devoid of humanity. Imagine woods, green tall trees and bushes on either side. I was standing at the very edge of the fall. The water gushed past my feet at a tremendous speed, tickling my feet. It was intense. I was looking down at vast height underneath, staring at the water, so blue at my ankles turning a frothy white in a few seconds that it took to reach the ground below. It was pure; I could feel it as I inhaled. Some small splatters of the water sprayed on me. I was so close to falling but I didn't fall. Intense.

Dreams defy the laws of physics. The water, despite its volume under the cliff reached merely my ankles. It tickled me but my legs remained dry. A mermaid jumped up from the water from the bottom of the cliff. She crossed the vast height and grabbed me. Dreams defy physics. I was falling down with her. But I wasn't, not really. I was still standing at the edge of the cliff, watching her pull me down. I was so close to tumbling in myself but I didn't. The water was pushing though, it still is.

As I went down with her, I was flawless really. My skin was devoid of the scars I have achieved over the years. My face lacked my usual spots; freckles that define me. I fell with an adrenaline; I watched with a sense of nostalgia. The part of me watched the the other part fall with old wrinkled white skin that was sagging in places. My eyes crinkled around the edges. Time seemed to pass for an eternity as I stood there.

Let me paint you a picture. Its a simple one really. I am still at the edge. I am falling down.


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    Woah! That was one of the most amazing thing I have ever read by anybody.