Monday, 26 May 2014

Shh! Don’t say it.

This article is addressed to all but most importantly the parents out there, especially the parents of a thirteen or fourteen year old.

There is a child out there with mere thirteen or at most fourteen years behind him. He isn't very different from your child. He attends school regularly enough, has a small but loyal circle of friends and a happy healthy family. Like your child, he is about to hear the word ‘Sex’ for the first time in hushed whispers during lunch break at school. His friend circle will laugh in varying degrees depending upon their understanding of sex and the sexual innuendo that was passed around as a joke. Your child will stand there laughing nervously but not because he understood the joke; just because everyone else laughed. He may not be the sole one pretending to understand but he doesn't know that. 

He doesn't in fact know a lot of things, but the major one in his mind is sex. And he blames the fact that he doesn't know what sex is. How can he? His parents or any other elderly in his life has never broached the subject. He can't ask his friends for they will tease him mercilessly about it and in all honesty, their information is hardly accurate. Their knowledge is as short lived as their internet history.