Monday, 23 June 2014

Rise and Shine.

Moments before the sun rose.
5:15 -
I have been up for over an hour now, just studying. No, I am not that serious about my studies, it’s just I had nothing else to pass time. My relationship with insomnia suffered a rocky patch recently but now we are back together and for real. As I got distracted (very easily) by the inky black sky outside, one thought rushed into my head- I should try to experience the sunrise for once in my life with my eyes actually open and my mind not drugged with sleep. The next thought was my friend Gargi’s voice telling me about this one time she captured the sun rise (or was it sun set?) and I knew I had to do it.

There's something about the way, the street looks when it's just rained, there's a glow of the pavement. -Fearless, Taylor Swift.

The sun's light shines brighter than anything else
5:48 -

Once again as I looked away from by utterly monotonous Chemistry text book, I noticed that the sky had turned a shade lighter and I was terrified that I had missed the sun rise. I took out my camera from where it was charging and dashed upstairs to my terrace. I live one of those buildings which are short enough so that you can still access the rooftop without concerns about safety (like anyone actually falls off a roof by ‘accident’)

Thursday, 19 June 2014

A White Rose in Autumn

A white rose symbolises innocence, and in Scotland, watching a white rose wither away or finding a white rose in Autumn is an omen of death. Also, because it is not just the women who get raped.

The leaves hurried about in a frenzy
Gold, yellow, scarlet colored the pavement.
He walked, his shoulders squared
Footsteps echoing off the lonely road.
The sun rose steadily,
as a solitary bud emerged
He stopped momentarily,
Then fearfully hurried past
He heard howls in the bright day
They were creatures of dark
The flower bloomed and blossomed
Unaware of the evil that lay
They, the beasts, cornered him
There was no escape
Not then, not ever
The white rose swayed in the wind
They sneered, they grabbed, they killed
He begged, he pleaded, he cried
One by one, they plucked apart his petals
Wasted and destroyed, he lay
Lying naked on the stone floor
Blood trickled past him
He saw a flower withering away at last
He saw a white rose in the autumn.