Monday, 23 June 2014

Rise and Shine.

Moments before the sun rose.
5:15 -
I have been up for over an hour now, just studying. No, I am not that serious about my studies, it’s just I had nothing else to pass time. My relationship with insomnia suffered a rocky patch recently but now we are back together and for real. As I got distracted (very easily) by the inky black sky outside, one thought rushed into my head- I should try to experience the sunrise for once in my life with my eyes actually open and my mind not drugged with sleep. The next thought was my friend Gargi’s voice telling me about this one time she captured the sun rise (or was it sun set?) and I knew I had to do it.

There's something about the way, the street looks when it's just rained, there's a glow of the pavement. -Fearless, Taylor Swift.

The sun's light shines brighter than anything else
5:48 -

Once again as I looked away from by utterly monotonous Chemistry text book, I noticed that the sky had turned a shade lighter and I was terrified that I had missed the sun rise. I took out my camera from where it was charging and dashed upstairs to my terrace. I live one of those buildings which are short enough so that you can still access the rooftop without concerns about safety (like anyone actually falls off a roof by ‘accident’)

6:06 - 

I lied, the moon gave me company too.

Why haven’t I done this before? I can’t believe it, the world is a truly beautiful place at this hour of the morning. The wind was pleasantly cool and it was giving me the warmest hug one can muster. And teasing, it was playing with my hair, teasing and tickling me. I’ve missed you too wind dear. The setting is right out of Disney’s ‘Snow White’. Birds are dedicating a gorgeous endless melody and only for me and there was a dog barking in the distance. The nature was up and about as the world continued in an undisturbed slumber. It was just me and the birds and that dog.

This pole has the best view of all.

Quite truthfully, the hours preceding 8 o’clock in the morning and I have never got along. The animosity began when I turned 12 or 13 and I realized that sleep was frankly a much more appealing option. We would occasionally get thrown in together, what with school and college and my insistent parents, but never have I enjoyed these meetings, and I made sure that everyone knew that.

But sitting on my rooftop, waiting for the sun to rise, I knew I could get up every day to witness the world waiting beside me with awaited breath. A ‘doodhwala’ was performing his daily pilgrimage to our houses, his day had begun already. On a neighboring rooftop, a man in his fifties was feeding the pigeons. They knew him well because unlike me, he seemed like an old friend of early morning. They clambered around him, all the birds having a friendly competition over food. Breakfast is after all the most important meal of the day and surely that applies to birds too.

A group of Pigeons is called a 'KIT'

I wasn't alone anymore, but these men don’t count. They are creatures of the morning and they belong to the sun rise. They appreciated this hour as much as I am starting to, so really, they don’t count. In that moment, they weren't mere humans but a part of nature.

The birds sung me a melody.

After satisfying my quota of pictures, I settled at staring towards the sky, waiting for the sun to come out. It had to be any moment now because it was over half an hour since I was sitting there. The sky wasn’t just light but a wonderful shade of yellow towards the east side. When the sun would come around, it would be from beyond this tall building. Sometimes I like to believe the sun goes there to rest and that building is its home. I know this is not true, but indulge my imagination, why don’t you?  The pigeons, I noticed, had a pattern and flew from one terrace to another in their hunt for food. They flew in really close to me, surrounding me in their midst and it makes me think I’ll be welcome here tomorrow morning too.

These birds were like babies waiting for their mother, the sun, to wake up already.

6:28 -

A squirrel had joined me and it was staring towards the east sky, waiting for the sun. The pigeons had found on a ledge overlooking the tall building. They weren’t singing anymore, almost as if anticipating the sun with abated breaths. And it was funny how the world, alive and dancing minutes before was suddenly still. I couldn’t help but be reminded of a quote by Hafez - “And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, “You owe me." Look what happens with love like that. It lights up the sky.” We were all waiting for the Sun to light up the world.

A squirrel waited with me for the sun to rise already.

I felt really small and tiny in this spectacular universe and in a good humbling sort of way. I think sometimes I’m so out of touch with nature and little things like sun rise and chirping birds that moments like this can fill me up to brim with emotion. I was a part of the universe and that’s an amazing feeling.

6:48 –

The sun was finally up and about. I guess I’m not the only one who’s lazy in the morning and always running late because it’s been nearly an hour since the sky lightened. It took our majestic Sun an hour to get up and set the human world (and I say human world because the natural world was up earlier) into motion.

Rise and Shine! 

And its a brand new day.