Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Spud - The madness continues

"Fatty shook Mad Dog’s hand and asked, ‘Why did you come back?’ Mad Dog shrugged and said, ‘For this.' " - Spud, The madness continues, John van de Ruit.

Here's the thing about sequels, no matter how hard you try not to, you will undoubtedly compare it to the original. And by god! If it so happens to not be on par every good memory associted with the original is tarnished. 

Spud: the madness continues is the sequel to Spud, 2nd book in the series of four and if you haven't read Spud, I suggest you finish that first for obvious reasons (and this review may contain spoilers for Spud).

'Spud: The madness continues' on the surface doesn't match up to the first part. The humor element is relatively low and a lot of merciless bullying is presented as comedy (not funny). However Spud 2 has done a brilliant job dealing with bullying, manipulation, the need to fit in, spending time alone and of course, madness.

This book continues with the crazy eight from part 1, (minus Gecko of course, though every time he is mentioned I felt a pang of nostalgia) and while some of the older characters have been dropped (Earthworm, Bert) or significantly mentioned less (Luthuili), a whole dorm worth of first years are introduced called 'The normal seven' and later 'The sad six'. Amanda and The mermaid are still a part of Spud's love life, which has taken an entirely bizarre turn.

While I maintain that anyone can read and truly enjoy the spud series, the target demographic of this one would be the teenage crowd, and finally teenagers have a good series to read.

But really if you are here because you have finished Spud, irrespective of what I say, you are going to read it, so instead I say - Enjoy.

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