Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Mouthful of Forevers - Clementine Von Radics

When will I stop belonging to this hungry thing inside of me? – Clementine Von Radics, That Spring Everything Grew Wild and the Rain Came Down Like Punishment.

I feel a little bit out of my depth for sitting down this week to review a collection of poems. I do enjoy poetry and sincerely believe them to be the most moving form of literature but am I in any position to review them? We shall find out. 

The book I’ve read – Mouthful of Forevers by Clementine Von Radics would fall under modern poetry, with its free verse, imagery and often spoken word adaptation. Clementine Von Radics talks about the fire running through your veins and loneliness in the same poem, understands heartbreak and doesn't dictate how you heal yourself, uses words to create magic and allows us to glimpse instances from her personal life. Mouthful of Forevers is filled with vibrant intensity, painting the world with colours in shades unheard off. It is a delicate patchwork of scenes that only fit together by this poet’s genius. 

In my reviews I usually talk about the plot and the characters but today I will mention my top three favourite poems from this collection.

My absolute favourite poem from this book is un-originally enough, ‘Advice to Teenage Girls with Wild Ambitions and Trembling Hearts’. Clementine urges teenage girls to understand their wild greatness and set it free. As a teenage girl I find myself feeling like she is personally talking to me. It is as if we have met for coffee and she is holding my hand. This poem makes me want to try. This poem makes me want to succeed for her, to make her proud. 

My second favourite is ‘Untitled 3’. It is a mere 4 lines but it is still powerful. It talks about having an open heart. The last line personally seals the deal for me. 

My third favourite is ‘The Brief Two Seconds After You Ruin Everything’. It is about the mistakes we make as humans and the sense of liberation that comes after correction. The imagery is distinctive and the last paragraph glues together the rest of the poem with a purpose. 

‘Salome Redux’ and ‘Lolita Addresses Her Author’ have distinctive feminist themes. 
The most underrated poems are – ‘For Nikki’, ‘On the Occasion of Our Anniversary’ and ‘3 Beers in’. 

‘Mouthful of Forevers’, the poem that inspired the title is undoubtedly a classic. It’s a poem that will be scribbled on park benched and snuck into proposals and will in its own twisted way, live on for ages.

This collection of poetry is in the truest sense of the word – beautiful. Its raw, its emotional, it hits you like a wall of bricks but something more picturesque.

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