May 25, 2016

An Allowance: Hiatus is Over

Sometimes writing means sitting at the desk and setting the words free; most of the times it means taking Gilmore Girl quizzes while pretending to write. I’ve been on hiatus lately, especially with my blog, and every single tumblr advice blog, TED talk and even Neil Gaiman has informed me that I need to commit better.

It is a justified point. A lot of writing is feeling disappointed with words and then gritting your teeth and writing anyway. To quote Jodi Picoult, “You can edit a bad page but you can’t edit a blank page.” It’s fair to say the same for most creative things.

Creativity is often misunderstood. It isn’t about a brainwave idea, although those are very much appreciated. Brain, if you could keep them coming, I have no complaints. Creativity is putting those ideas onto paper and transforming them into something beautiful.

Life changing ideas are not life changing, the hard work is. Remember, J. K. Rowling’s idea was of a boy who didn’t know he was a wizard; her effort was the Harry Potter series.

And putting in the sweat, time and commitment is far more difficult that dreaming up of ideas. Sometimes you put off writing for a day and then a day becomes 3 months. I haven’t updated my blog since February.
And then inertia sets in. Every attempt at writing is a disaster, ergo more procrastination. There is also a fear of failing, irreparably so. This article is a compromise, an allowance. This can be an absolute torture to read and that’s okay because this is the first step back. And first steps are always shaky. As long as it’s a step, it’s valid.

Translation: I am sorry that this article has no standards but the next one will.

Now, there is a quiz that will determine which Gilmore Girl character I am most like and that requires my immediate attention. Until next time!

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