Thursday, 1 September 2016

Life After Hogwarts: Moving On

It’s September first and at 18, it would be my last year at Hogwarts and that too by a stretch. It is heart breaking knowing there won’t be boarding the Hogwarts express again but not as horrible as I expected it to be. I was so far young when I first read the Harry Potter series that I don’t remember it. And my relationship with the boy who lived hasn’t always been a breeze. 

The first time I picked up Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, I got bored 4 chapters in. To be fair to the past (and stupid) me, those were the Dursley chapters. A couple of years later when I decided to give it a second shot, I found true love. Harry has taught, among other things, the importance of second chances. 

Around book three I learnt to second guess everything. Apparently Sirius Black isn’t a crazy mass murderer; just plain ol’ crazy. But is he? I was convinced that the plot twist was a red herring. Sirius still had to earn my trust before I would let him near Harry. And then all too soon I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I think for most readers, this is the toughest book. Harry’s anger is palpable and quite frustrating. But just as it is those things, it is justified. And so you stick it out with him. 

I have written fanfictions set in Hogwarts, poems about the Potter universe and even dreamt of making a video series. I quit the latter when I realised it was too much work. When you are in something for so long and so deeply, it is hard to let go. Even tougher, something that I am personally grappling with is to accept that you’ve already done it. Sometimes you fall out of fandoms and that is okay. 

Because I sincerely believe that Harry would encourage me embracing real worlds just as proudly as imaginary ones. He was the supportive best friend growing up and he always will be, even as our paths drift into separate directions. 

Don’t get me wrong – Hogwarts will always smell like home. The candlelit corridors, the quidditch matches and the petty duels are cherished memories. However, it was a school and it’s almost over. But I’ll always be an alumni and I’ll always be cheering it on. Team Hogwarts for life! 

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