Friday, 21 April 2017

Realistic Character Development

Act 1 Scene 1

When your story begins,
you don't remember how old you are.
But you are big;
Big eyes filled with big dreams;
Standing on the precipice of youth,
And you’ve already envisioned yourself halfway down.

Act 1 Scene 2

You have magic powers;
You can feel things that aren’t there.
Example: When he looks at you,
The room grows warmer,
And you swear to god you can feel fire.

Act 1 Scene 3

He makes you wonder -
About the endlessness of the universe,
about the purpose you serve,
about the crinkles near his eyes and stories tucked in their folds.

Act 1 Scene 4

He makes you question -
the size of the universe,
the pointlessness of your existence,
the way his eyebrows form a frown when you put on your favourite dress.

Act 1 Scene 5

You choose your clothes with care;
You frame your hair exactly the right way;
You even dare at makeup.

When he looks at you,
You don’t want to die.
You simply want to breathe in
And never breathe out again.

Act 2 Scene 1

He tells you that the world is cruel,
That he wants what is best for you.
He tells you they don’t like your youth,
That they don’t like people with possibilities
But all you can hear is -
They don’t like you.

Act 2 Scene 2

When you stood at the edge and peered,
You imagined you would float downwards.
But you are burdened by your body.
This feeling isn’t floating, it’s falling.
You feel heavy; ready to sink.

Act 2 Scene 3

When you look at him,
You feel ants crawling up your body.
You are drowning in a swarm of tiny insects,
And you can’t remember the last time you believed in magic.

Act 2 Scene 4

It happens over a slice of pizza
Shared with an old friend,
Someone you knew before you knew him.
And you realize that this is your story, not his.

Act 2 Scene 5

You feel your fingertips sparking,
Your eyes contain a multitude of possibilities,
And then you stop free falling.
Instead, you rise.
And as you rise, the curtain falls.  

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